Membership Information

There are seven (7) classes of membership within the Ohio Association of Polygraph Examiners. Any person convicted of a felony crime or who commits any acts considered to be detrimental to the polygraph profession as determined by the board of Directors, shall be ineligible for any class of membership in this Association.

The following are the seven (7) classes of membership:

  1. Full Member
  2. Intern Member
  3. Associate Member
  4. life Member
  5. Affiliate Member
  6. Honorary Member
  7. Retired Member

For information on OAPE membership, contact the Secretary by phone at (330) 947-2911, Fax (330) 947-2799 or by email at

Download Membership Application Form: Adobe PDF

**To be sent in duplicate upon completion to:
Dennis Moore, OAPE Secretary
P.O. Box 250
Atwater, OH 44201

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